3 handy tips for using ActivLayr

January 30, 2019

We’ve had this product on the market place through our initial set of interested customers and have had outstanding results! Being such a new cosmetic technology, we’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of positive responses, as well as taking into account the constructive responses to better utilise our innovative cosmetic technology! So, we’ve created some handy tips when using ActivLayr to get all the best from this all natural, sustainably driven cosmetic product.

1. Keep your hands dry

This has been the experience that many of our users have faced, with ActivLayr being not your conventional face mask. Typical face masks are liquid based, whereas our one requires water as an activation to get all the goodness our bio-actives have permeate deeply into your skin layers! This also means that the moisture/wetness from our fingers when wetting our faces can have an effect on the collagen layer itself, making Activlayr act on your fingers instead! Therefore, we recommend making sure your hands are completely dry when handling ActivLayr product, to ensure all of it enters the necessary under eye region 😊.

Tips for handling our innovative product – Picture on the left shows how you should hold ActivLayr to ensure the product is in full use. Picture on the right shows how you shouldn’t directly touch the collagen.

2. Use a spritzer (hint, it’s coming!)

Often wetting the face with hands or a wet cloth is not enough, as it can dry off quite fast by the time people apply the product! We’ve asked a few beauty experts and came up with the idea of using a spritzer, which can apply water evenly on the face as well as being good to use on the go when you need it most 😊. These spritzers will be introduced soon to your 7-day treatment packs, stay tuned!

Sneak-peek of our spritzer, to better give you the best experience of ActivLayr!

3. Keep the pack sealed until you really need to use it!


ActivLayr is so unique in its nature, it can even be affected by the slight increase in humidity if left out! This is particularly the case in bathrooms after a nice hot shower, where the ActivLayr collagen will evaporate in high humidity conditions. The ActivLayr product will be nicely protected in their sealed, foil sachets in any type of condition, therefore we advise for you to keep it sealed until you are intending to apply it 😊.

Keep it with you where-ever, it’s beauty on the go.

We hope that this is useful. If there are any more tips or questions you wish to have answered, please do not hesitate to contact us through our social media channels or call us directly! We are all happy to answer.

Kind Regards,

The ActivLayr team

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