Your ActivLayr Questions Answered

May 8, 2020

We are thrilled with the result of our scientifically & clinically proven 5 seconds nano boost under-eye patches, the world’s first, proven nano-collagen sheet mask.


While we can’t wait for some of you to try it, we’re all too aware of how complicated ActivLayr can sound, especially with all of the different products and options out there now. We’ve answered some of the big questions below to help you understand more about this magical product.

What is ActivLayr?

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We are the only skincare product in the world that utilizes marine collagen nano-fibre technology to deliver bioactives directly into the skin. ActivLayr is created with a highly unique, manufacturing process called Sonic Electrospinning which creates nano-fibre (extremely fine fibres, 500x times smaller than hair) from the purest marine collagen source available. This patented, delivery model is unlike traditional sheet masks, taking pure marine collagen and turning it into a functional ‘nano-collagen’ that rapidly dissolves into moistened skin, taking less than 5 seconds to deliver bioactive to the dermal layer. As there is no heat or high pressure during the spinning, natural ingredients such as specially formulated plant extracts can be infused, which is how ActivLayr is produced.

Our manufacturer, Revolution Fibres is keen to capture the qualities of nature in nano-fibre to deliver only the goodness of nature, without the need of preservatives or emulsifiers typically found in creams and serums.

What makes our marine collagen different from others?

As consumers, we all know the importance of collagen to our skin as well as our body. Collagen is the human body’s most abundant protein, making up about a third of our body’s content. It is essential for the integrity, elasticity, and strength of our body’s connective tissues & therefore much needed to keep our skin, nails, hair, and bones strong and healthy. Considering that skin is the largest organ of our body, as we age, our body produces less collagen, leading to dry and the formation of wrinkles. We know what you’re thinking, 


How are we different? 

Why don’t I just get a collagen supplement instead?


Firstly, our premium marine collagen is ethically sourced from a trusted fishery, Sanford, and sustainably made in New Zealand. Type 1 marine collagen. One of the problems with traditional collagen molecules is their large, globular size, which results in the collagen sitting on the skin. Our premium marine collagen, coupled with our electrospnning technology allows the collagen to be nano-sized and 100% water soluble, reaching the crucial dermal layers of the skin where the collagen can really work.

Before and After 7 Days Application

For skin and beauty applications, type 1 Collagen is considered to be the best. From dermatological research with oral supplementation of collagen, it was shown that when type 1 collagen is increased, there are visible results in the appearance of the skin. One question often asked is how long does it take for visible results to show? With the help of ActivLayr, it can deliver 11mg of collagen straight to your dermal layer within 5 seconds. Clinical results have been done on human skin to show a dramatic 19% reduction in wrinkle volume after daily application over 7 days, as well as a 16% increase in skin elasticity and finally an improvement of  moisture retention by at least 16%.


Clean beauty has been a buzzword for a while now but considering that most other products have very long ingredient lists, ActivLayr uses only five ingredients. Is it effective though?

That’s the benefit of this technology! The final product you see in ActivLayr is only composed of 5 main ingredients, all 100% natural and 100% bioactive to your skin. 

Although we can’t comment on what all the ingredients in other cosmetics or skincare do, we do know that even the most natural cream or moisturizer has to have a huge number of ingredients to even just be in the form, of the color that it has, and of course including fragrance. Once you start to add all these ingredients, you need even more ingredients to be preservatives, to be carriers, so you end up with this very long ingredient list of things that don’t have a direct function to your skin alone. 

The reason why we can avoid these common stabilisers is due to the product form, being a dry fibre which stabilises the active ingredients alone! In liquids and creams, there’s a high chance of products oxidizing, or having microbes build up over time, a lot of the ingredients in the creams are food for microbes and that makes the products go bad, quite quickly. Hence with only such few ingredients, we ensure to package effectively as possible in individual sachets for maximum protection of the active ingredients. 

ActivLayr Ingredients

In terms of effectiveness, we’ve mentioned above based on our scientific and clinical tests have proven that with a 7 days application. It has visually resulted in hydration and reduction of fine lines. You have got to try it yourself before we go any further. 

With more than 6 years in research and development, ActivLayr is the ground-breaking nanofibre technology to protect, restore, and balance the skin from within. We pride ourselves on being bioactive skincare pioneers who lead the way in harnessing our new, natural science which remains unique to this day. We want our products to make a real difference to an individual by delivering glowing, balanced skin every day. 

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