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OMG, I can’t get enough of these. I had filler gone wrong and ActivLayr has helped fill the dip I had. I used 2 full packets and I still use twice weekly. It was so bad and glad that it has solved the dip since! @radiantglowskinnbodytreatments | AUS

Before application I can see some vertical lines directly below my eye caused by the sheer size and weight of the bag pulling the skin down. And after one-week application, those lines are barely visible and the skin has firmed… and high effective! @katsheputt | AUS

I’ve noticed my under eye areas to appear supple, smooth, brightened and the fine lines I have around the inner corners of my eyes have softened and nowhere near as visible as they appeared before… @thecaryledit | AUS

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ActivLayr may look like a patch but it is more than that. It is an ultra thin film made of nanofibre of Maine collagen… It has definitely smoothen my eyes area. I used after cleaning on damp skin, follow with my current skincare routine. Definitely worth the try and recommended! @cyrille_laurent | France

Does it work? It is a resounding yes. The fine line around my eyes have reduced in number and in depth. This is after using the masks consecutively for a week. Application is simple. There is nothing to wash off, it just absorbs into the skin. I’m really impressed and just love a product that lives up to its claim. @flukebeauty | AUS

The 5 seconds nano collagen under-eye patch is one such product! If I hadn’t tried this product for myself I wouldn’t have believe it, but I’ve trialed it and it works! This is one of those products that you really need to try for yourself to appreciate how amazing it is! @fabulousandfunlife | AUS

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