Supporting your Local Derma Professionals

November 6, 2020

Are you juggling too many Zoom Meetings while you missing the expert skincare pampering of your Derma Professional?

We know that 2020 has changed everything, and we have all had to adjust in so many different ways. With different levels of lockdowns, there has been a huge interest in professional strength anti-aging solutions that can be done at home.


The area around our eyes is delicate and some of the first areas to show premature signs of aging with crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye bags popping up and becoming noticeable. People do not want to spend a lot of time getting ready for Zoom calls, especially since they are nowhere to go.

Isolation is proving to be an interesting time for our beauty routines – never have we embraced such a low-maintenance look so relied on your natural beauty shine through.

In Australia, we have partnered with Advanced Cosmeceuticals who is the leading provider of premium cosmeceutical skincare brands and medical laser devices for Australian Derma Professionals. To look at your best natural look over that Zoom meeting calls for some home care treatment!

Pamper yourself no matter where you are.

To promote home care skincare treatments and products that can transform the appearance of your skin. The ActivLayr Nano-Collagen booster takes hydration to new heights! Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen + soothing grapeseed extract and the vitamins derived kiwi fruit skin extract. Carefully packed into an easy disposable pouch perfect to trial or to have in right next to your WFH desk.

What’s better is it only takes 5 seconds to apply!

Find your local Australian ActivLayr stockist here.

“We are very excited to have ActivLayr Nano-Collagen Boost, the world’s first marine collagen nanofibre eye patch, join the Advanced Cosmeceuticals portfolio and be available to the Australian market.

ActivLayr is the fastest, non-invasive bioactive dermal delivery system in the world that is scientifically designed to penetrate the deeper dermal layers non-invasively, to produce instant results.

Composed of 100% natural sustainably sourced ingredients from New Zealand, the fusion of scientific innovation with clean, sustainable beauty is the way forward for skincare. We are very proud to represent this revolutionary technology that is clinically tested with proven results.”

Catherine Biedermann, Managing Director | Advanced Cosmeceuticals


At ActivLayr, we want you to be comfortable in my own skin even when you’re at home.


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