Sonic Electrospinning

A revolutionary method of converting a collagen solution into a dry, dense collagen fibre.

How is
ActivLayr made?

The ActivLayr skin delivery platform is a patented technology based on the denatured whole chains of type 1 collagen extracted from NZ hoki fish skins. Collagen extracted from the hoki fish is solubilised with preferred bioactives, and is turned into nanofibre via our proprietary Sonic Electrospinning process. During this process the bioactives (depending on the nature of bioactives) are encapsulated or chemically bonded to the nanofibres and attain an even distribution on the matrix. The bioactives remain stable on the matrix during storage, under moisture-free ambient conditions. On exposure to moistened skin, the nanofibres dissolve, thereby releasing the bioactives.

The team and the technology

From waste to value

Discover the ecosystem behind our products

1. NZ Hoki caught through
sustainable fishing practices

2. Hoki skins, normally waste product,
get collected for Collagen extraction

3. Extracted collagen is freeze dried and
delivered to Revolution Fibres

4. Fruit skins and seeds, normally waste, are collected 
and put through an aquapure natural extraction process.

5. Vinanza Fruit Extracts, Collagen and hyaluronic
are combined into an ActivLayr solution, ready for
Sonic Electrospinning.

6. Sonic Electrospinning Process creates
rolls of ActivLayr collagen nanofibre.

7. Users experience a 100% natural, sustainably
sourced product to repair and rejuvenate
their skin.

100% Natural
& Sustainable

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