How ActivLayr can help your ‘maskne’

October 22, 2020

Your skin is affected by external factors every day, including airborne allergens, dust, pollution and the more recently, occlusion by facial coverings. As mask use is an essential accessory in many parts of the world, there has been a rise in the number of people struggling with side effects such as dental issues and skin breakouts.

Acne breakouts found in areas covered by masks have been dubbed ‘Maskne’ and are caused by damp moisture near the sensitive mouth area which results in a build-up of sweat, oil and bacteria. By wearing masks for an extended period of time, you are actively breaking down your skin barrier which leads to scene, dryness, rashes and sometimes acne. This is often caused by the minimal airflow and low breathability under that mask of yours.

In this article, Dermatologist Angeline Yong states the “constant rubbing of the masks against our skin causes micro-tears, allowing easier entry for bacteria and dirt to clog up our pores”.

“Breathing into a mask also creates a hot and moist environment that leads to the build-up of sweat, oil and bacteria. Add on the fact that face masks are occlusive (designed to block things) by nature, and it’s a recipe for skin disaster,” says Dr Yong.

For strong, healthy skin carrier to prevent skin irritations like acne or extreme dryness from occurring, it is important to keep the face clean of skin-irritating bacteria with a non-stripping, skin balanced cleanser. Carry on with moisturize and repair your skin barrier from exposure to a damp mask environment, just opt for the simple solution by ActivLayr.

Dr. Bhuvana Kannan, the scientist behind the creation of ActivLayr, says ActivLayr’s technology can help heal and reduce maskne symptoms which help to strengthen the skin barrier for fresh and radiant skin.

“The premium marine collagen, Kiwifruit skin extract and sauvignon blanc grape seed extract found in ActivLayr will help treat the effects of maskne, making your skin strong and healthy to protect it from damage while also helping to reduce redness and skin irritation.”

Dr. Kannan also states the importance of choosing a mask that is breathable and easy to replace or clean to help reduce potential side effects of mask-wearing.

Nanofibre mask filters are a great option as they provide an added level of safety to the wearer, proven to be more effective at filtering out a wider range of molecules, viruses and bacteria while remaining breathable.

Nanofibres are only 1 nanometer, 1 billionth of a meter, in thickness. Nanofibre is a new material made by building these fibres sterically for a web structure that has better permeability, block-ability, and durability than any fibre ever invented. Choose and sterilised your mask wisely and prevent that maskne from forming.



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