How do I know it’s effective?

Based on our clinical trials, you should see a general reduction in wrinkle volume, number and depth. This should be obtained after a seven day trial of the product.

Why does my skin feel tight after using ActivLayr?

The tightness is associated with the instant firming, due to the rapid absorption of collagen and bioactive ingredients. If you feel that it is too tight, please apply more water to the applied skin area.

When can I use other products after using ActivLayr?

Typically, we see ActivLayr as a natural serum, where it can be applied after your cleanser but before your moisturiser to effectively deliver the powerful bioactives. Alternatively it can be used as part of your washing routine at the end of the day.

What is the difference between ActivLayr collagen and others?

ActivLayr collagen utilises collagen sourced from marine fish found deep in NZ pristine oceans. The collagen is extracted in a certain way to behave the way you see it - where other types of collagen cannot be produced the same way.

Why does my skin feel sticky after using ActivLayr?

The stickiness can be associated when not enough water is applied to the surface of the skin, leaving the collagen on the surface. Therefore we would advise to apply more water, dabbing the remaining residue into the skin.

I have sensitive skin, can I use ActivLayr?

Yes, in fact our product being 100% natural is the best product for sensitive skin! However, if you do feel irritation or see redness in the skin, please discontinue use and contact us directly.

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