ActivLayr Your Skincare For A Clean Conscience

July 8, 2020

The breakthrough discovery with the use of nanotechnology


Caring for our skin is one of the easiest ways to ensure long-term skin health and radiance. Environmental factors like pollution, our daily bacteria-filled commutes, and the stress we’ve come to associate with living in a fast-paced city mean that our largest organ – our skin – is permanently overtaxed.

Luckily, one of the most effective ways we can ease the load is to simply become more mindful of the ingredients that we’re putting on our faces each day. And as increasingly educated consumers we’re now aware that what’s in our product is only as important as what’s not. But what really constitutes “clean” in an industry that still remains largely self-regulated? And what does the term differ from other buzzwords like “organic” or “natural”? What most brands seem to agree on is that, at a minimum, a clean product is free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and petrochemicals

ActivLayr continues to champion ingredients that forego potentially harmful ingredients in favor of those our skin will recognize and work in synergy. Low risk and bioactive or if you like, bioavailable, meaning they can actually penetrate the skin’s surface and delivery results. 

So is this just another buzzword? 



Just to clear some of your minds today, organic skincare is not the same as bioactive skincare. Most organic skincare manufacturers have tried to claim the term bioactive as their own as if the two are one and the same. The fact is, they are not and the two terms are not interchangeable. Thanks to modern science and tools for chemical synthesis, which allow us to isolate, purify, and create stable, sustainable alternatives, we have another, more reliable source of bioactive molecules: the lab.

In another sense, in the lab, we’re able to extract and concentrate the most vital elements and formulate in a manner that assures they can penetrate the skin and provide true benefit. For instance, for our Sauvignon Blanc Grape seed extract sourced from the heart of Marlborough has been carefully incorporated into our composed of type 1 marine collagen nanofibres.

While it all sounds too science, bare with us here.

Due to the nature of bioactive ingredients, they are normally large particles that can’t get down to the dermal skin layer to reach their target cells, leaving bioactive ingredients to sit on top of the skin where it activates, pretty much nothing. With close to 8 years of R&D through has allowed us to achieve this breakthrough discovery through nanotechnology!

When the ideas like sustainability, conscious consumerism, the circular economy, and green innovation are placed at the forefront of, not only development like us, ActivLayr but major corporate entities all around the world, what we can only hope will follow is a collective change in consumer consciousness – a change that couldn’t come soon enough.

ActivLayr is a result of deep research and development efforts that only uses 5 natural ingredients that are 100% bioactive to nourish your skin from within. Dive deep into your dermal layer where active works!



All ingredients are sustainably sourced and made 100% natural and made in New Zealand.

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