October 12, 2020

An intricate understanding of the complexities of human skin was key to the development and enhancement of Revolution Fibres’ nanofibre skincare technology, ActivLayr.

To develop ActivLayr, our Research and Innovation Manager Dr. Bhuvana Kannan and Materials Scientist Dr. Hanyue (Hannah) Zheng, had to have a detailed understanding of the skin and how it best absorbs ingredients. This knowledge enabled them to develop a product utilising nanofibre’s high molecular weight to deliver active ingredients deep into the dermal layer, creating visible results.

This new White Paper, ActivLayr Working Mechanism, by the parent company Revolution Fibres’ Research and Innovation Manager Dr Bhuvana Kannan and Materials Scientist Dr Hanyue Zhang provides detailed insights into the permeability of the skin barrier and how this enabled the development of skincare product ActivLayr.

ActivLayr, which is made from premium marine collagen and has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 19%, uses natural actives and biochemical methods to permeate the skin layer delivering bio-actives 1mm to 1.5mm deep into the dermal layer.

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Read more about the scientific research used to develop ActivLayr here: http://ow.ly/dPtw50BCwrL


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